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Movement For Life!



Catalyst is here to spark change for your families lives. 

Left in a vacuum change in a system is slow to take place. Most reactions seldom spontaneously begin. What they need is a push, something to jump start the process. Just like a fire needs a spark to ignite, so too does the body needs its own unique spark in order to truly create action.


We all perform.  As kids, as students, as athletes.  As Moms, as Dads, as skilled in trades, and as professionals.  We all perform in our given arenas.  Catalyst is here to help you perform better!  


Newborns, exploring toddlers, active kids, growing teens, and you, the adults, working to keep it all together, benefit from chiropractic care at Catalyst. Let us take you from just trying to survive, to be able to thrive! 


Spark your change now! 



Movement for Life

When I was in chiropractic school I was once asked, "Do you want to work with kids and their families, or do you want to work with athletes?" 


My answer to the question I was presented with was, "Why do you have to choose?"

Since being asked that question I've pursued training in pediatrics as well as training for working with athletes.  

Kids aren't just kids.  They're growing, exploring, learning.  They play, they jump, they learn to play sports.  Parent's aren't only parents.  They work, they play, they have hobbies.  It could be U8 soccer practice, a lunch CrossFit class between meetings, or working through a tough class.  We all have multiple roles that define us.  That is why I care for the entire person and the entire family. 


"It is apparent that Dr. Jeremy genuinely cares about his patients. When I was pregnant, Dr. Jeremy consistently checked on how I was feeling while offering to help ease my aches or pains. He now cares for our twin girls with the same level of care and concern he showed me.


From my pregnancy back pain to my daughter’s digestive struggles, Dr. Jeremy’s adjustments have improved our family’s overall wellness. 


His level of care does not stop there. He educates his patients, empowering them to continue their holistic approach outside of adjustments."

—  Carmela R. 


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