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About Us


Here to help create change

We believe that every person can and should live the best life possible! We also know that includes overcoming some challenges for people.  Some of those challenges can feel impossible, isolating, and confused about where to even start.  That is why Catalyst is here! 

We are here to help guide your family on their healing journey.  Our aim is for you to feel supported and not alone as you try to create real change! You are not just a number here. Our approach is tailored to each individual to give the best care for each person!

Meet our team!

Dr. Jeremy Lawson

I'm a pediatric and family chiropractor.  I am a born and raised Midwest guy.  When I'm not in the office you can find me at my second home CrossFit AMRAP, smoking a variety of meats, obsessing over my sports teams, and enjoying time with my family and friends.  Typically it's some combination of all of the above.


I am a chiropractic associate specializing in strategic communication/public relations, and currently running Catalyst Family's social profiles, our office administration, and fostering a welcoming office environment! I'm passionate about art and writing, LGBTQIA+ issues, and all kinds of plants. You can find me at home reading, at a CrossFit gym, soccer field, tennis court, or local coffee shop! 


I am a Care Advocate striving to ensure our families feel welcome and heard. I started chiropractic care to address a symptom but what I’ve gotten in return is an irreplaceable support system that has empowered every aspect of health and wellness for my entire family. I’m the blessed Mama behind two beautiful children and a loving husband who always makes sure I have gas in my tank and coffee in my hand. I’m passionate about creating opportunities for quality conversation, advocating for neurodivergent children/teens and empowering the family members that stand beside them. Outside of the office you can find me embracing the outdoors with friends and family, homeschooling, working out at Crossfit AMRAP, dancing to my favorite jams, or in sweatpants eating an entire charcuterie board.

MIssy fam pic.jpeg

I am a Care Advocate, here to welcome you to the Catalyst Family from the moment you walk in the door! I have a degree in Recreation Management and a decade+ of experience in recreational programming, special events and aquatics [think Leslie Knope] so in the summer months you can also find me at Main Beach in Crystal Lake! I enjoy spending my time doing fun things like baking, yoga, laying on my dogs, keeping up with my adventurous kiddos, and deciding what to eat for dinner with my husband. My perfect day is waking up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin with a fresh pot of coffee brewing, cinnamon rolls in the oven, snow falling, all while the Packers are beating the Bea…Vikings! I began my chiropractic care journey while in college in hopes of finding support for my body, without unnecessary daily medication. Consistent chiropractic care has empowered me to take control of every aspect of my health and healing so I can be the best version of a wife, mom, sister, auntie, friend, ME everyday. I am excited to be here to support you on your chiropractic care journey also!

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